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I know so many people like you--

but I am surprised, frankly, to find you on DP--

we keep our grass longer. We have many very neat and tidy garden beds, and we have a lot of garden in our front yard (done discretely)--

but we looked long and hard for a neighborhood that would accept our way of doings things--

we're a lot like these people, but not as advanced:

Our gardens are very productive, but we focus on food, not on grass. Every year we get rid of more grass, but one of the things we do is keep our grass taller--

and we use no chemicals--

whereas our neighbors might mow every week, we mow more like very two weeks (at the most)--

if we need to get a harvest in, the food comes first. We've had no complaints from neighbors, but we work hard to keep things looking nice, in spite of our long grass.

We are also older, and one of us has severe health problems. When health is good, things are always tidier. We share food with our neighbors, too.

As I said, I am just very glad that you're not my neighbor.

Have you taken the time to get to know this person? Perhaps there is a health problem. Maybe you're right; maybe he's a lazy guy; maybe he just doesn't want to work, but do you know that for sure?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--