Comment: Yeah I can say that and a lot of things.

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Yeah I can say that and a lot of things.

"Critical mass", a term borrowed from nuclear physics, in this case describing the point at which enough people in a society are disenfranchised to where mass mobilization can effect dramatic change. And suddenly everything does. Or is supposed to. The people one day decide to rise up as one and overthrow the evil elites.

Well for years my observation has been that we're many years out from that. The American people have the memory of gnats and they are easily distracted. They remain largely ignorant and they can change their minds in an instant. They are gullible, short sighted and selfish people.

Our opposition plans against critical mass. They will come for the leaders first. In a nutshell, they will come for us. And nobody is gonna fight for us but us. Perhaps worse, they will tend to leave the more prominent and the intellectuals for later. They will first come for us street leaders of less visibility. They know they can take out our street level leadership before public outcry even organizes. We'll be black boxed in 3 days max and the remainder on the run, fugitives. And don't expect a lot of doors to be open to us with every fed in the alphabet after us.

I have to encourage people not to imagine a glorious victory. I really doubt glory is gonna be part of it. To remain outspoken at this point, we take our lives in our hands. "Hope for the best, plan for the worst" to us means go ahead and buy your burial plots now. Make out your wills. Bury some treasure and tell only the kids where it is.

Not even joking. It's getting real. Those of you with children, seriously, it might be a good idea to just unplug from this whole scene. If you can escape, do it. Take the kids and get the frac out of here.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.