Comment: Much of a hoot as this is, important principles underlie.

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Much of a hoot as this is, important principles underlie.

Check the telescopic thread below. It's a hoot. On it's surface it's the status quo (individual) vs. the individualists (as a group) which is funny enough as it is but this might as well be Monstanto. Catch the part about the "rat" dude's weed seeds contaminating everybody else's lawn?

Courts have repeatedly found Monsanto free of responsibility in cases of breed contamination, they can even force farmers to pay royalties to Monstanto even when they didn't want that seed in their fields to begin with.

You are on shaky territory if you are against Rat Man below. He can now proceed against you and force you to pay royalties for growing his seed.

I hear concern for property values and understand the argument. His property condition somehow lessens your property value. So goes conventional wisdom. Arizona law is quite clear on this, and this is why HOA's are very popular among retirees and people who require everybody else to measure up to a certain standard because AZ law specifies that if you don't like what I do with my property you can make me an offer to buy it or you can pray I leave and somebody you like better buys it.

What I like best about some comments below is the implication that people who don't conduct themselves in a "normal" manner have less rights than those who do. But I suppose the counter argument is that they have every right in the world to simply CONFORM.

But there we are. At what point does your neighbor's rights curtail your own rights as a property owner? Who's seed is it anyway? Current libertarian "environmentalism" suggests that if you can prove material damage and it's source you have a civil court case against that source. Which will naturally result in more financial and work-value related damage.

How about the rat issue? The real ones, not the person hosting them. They can cause hella property damage and represent a legitimate health risk. What if a neighborhood dog contracts rabies from these rats? Seems a growing legitimacy in concern on that score. What if a child is infected?

Hmmmmmmmm.....yup there we go again, "it's for the children"......

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