Comment: I rent a room in a house from

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I rent a room in a house from

I rent a room in a house from a friend's mom. She has no drive to do anything since being laid off years ago. Just sits and watches TV 24/7. She went to Poland for a month so her son just let everything go since there's no one there to nag him. Even so, she leaves the property in a state of disrepair. It's her right to do that, and people don't have the right to not have to see it. We got something in the mail about a fenced-in area having grass too high, and a car (her son's) in the driveway being out of inspection. They've been through all kinds of vehicular stuff like this before. They left a van sit there for a while that was totally smashed. Another car that was undergoing an engine swap sat outside for years. If I had property I would make it look the same, and on purpose. It looks like valuable and less likely to get robbed. I also personally don't like anything to ever be neat looking. I'd ideally like some old ass stone house surrounded by woods and having ivy grow all over it.

Moral of the do not own your property, even if you have the deed.

Another moral...a message to the public: stop hiding your faces like this lady and so many others do. If that crap happened to be I would be on camera flipping out like Alex Jones does. Violations of rights is not something to be calm and collected about. That's what the system wants. They'd shit their pants if we could still storm their houses lynch mob style with pitchforks and torches.

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