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Not sure if your response was serious or sarcasm...

Not sure if your response was serious or sarcasm. If you were serious, you seem to contradict the concepts of liberty and freedom. While your statement that this is a "graceless society" may or may not be true (everyone has an opinion), you also state that what "she did was wrong". That seems to be an opinion that doesn't coincide with trying to live in a free society with our remaining liberties intact.

Could the use of certain terms be offensive? Absolutely. But "wrong"? I don't think so. Everyone is responsible for what comes out of their mouths. Food Network has a right to fire someone for an image that they feel will negatively affect their ad revenue (even if the belief by many is that a culture dominated by absurd political correctness is what got her fired). Someone eating with their mouth open at the office may be offensive to many, but that isn't going to get you fired. Nonetheless, it can be offensive; however, it doesn't break PC rules, so the offender is safe.

Furthermore, why do the demographics of the decision-makers at the Food Network matter? And in a free and liberty-minded society, race issues shouldn't play a part...we should look at everyone without considering sex, race, etc. Of course, our society is collectivist at heart, which is why so many people care to classify and categorize.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin