Comment: Maybe I'll read it after I read the Communist Manifesto

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Maybe I'll read it after I read the Communist Manifesto

I probably should read statist and NWO propaganda to see what ideas are being pushed so I can more easily respond, but unfortunately I feel it's not an effective use of my time right now.

#1-I used Rummel and Burke as references to the historical account of attributing most of world violence directly to government. Based on your response it seems you have not read Burke. He is considered the philosophical founder of modern day conservatism and in his late 20's wrote a scathing essay on the history of violence of both despotisms AND democracies and one of the most compelling cases for a Natural Society (ie. Anarchy)
A Vindication of Natural Society - Edmund Burke 1756

#2-Beyond historical evidence, it's praexology. Governments as most commonly defined today IS violent by nature. It's axiomatic. Goverment = Force & Violence. NWO and World government = World Force & Violence

#3-Governments contradict free markets, so Pinker's thesis is contradictory on its head. Free markets do create less violence. Governments intervene in free markets and create more violence.

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