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Educate me on some logistics

Since you can't buy anything legally, (such as food, gas, cars, clothes, pay the bills, pay medical expenses, pay taxes, buy a house, etc.) with Metals -- it is then necessary to be able to safely, conveniently, cost-effectively, and sometimes even quickly convert Metal back into a cash sum entry in your Bank Account (or cash itself).

Where I live in Mass, there is one small "coin dealer" in Shrewsbury that doesn't ever answer their listed phone number (voice mail), and doesn't appear to be very available to the public. The voice messages I've left there before have gone unreturned, so I can hardly trust that.

Out on the Internet, there are all kinds of sites like AMPEX,, Monex, Swiss America, etc., where you could order something with a credit-card, and then be shipped a box of Metals. But these are not locations that are local. So it would not be convenient to have to worry about getting appropriate, secure packing materials, paying for Insurance, paying potential markdown fees, shipping out stuff, hoping it all goes well, and then waiting for them to one day send you a check back -- all just to make your next significant cash-based transaction. That's an ugly, remote, (and risky) process.

Now if it were convenient to move money in and out of Silver or Gold (during periods of savings, and purchases) I would do so. But I have a hard time understanding the logistics and hassles involved. It's not like, in my area, there is just some big coin shop supermarket store that is open 9-5, where you just can go in and trade and exchange freely as needed, when you want to, and get the service you need.

So what do people in Massachusetts do here?

If you can describe the procedure that you go through, and can recommend anything, that might be helpful.