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Couple things

The relationship between men and women is money for sex.

Men had the power to get sex when they were the sole source of money, but now the women can get their own money.

Women are still in control of sex, so men get it only when allowed. After marriage, a woman can deny sex, and if the husband strays, she can divorce and win big in court. And this is supposed to motivate young men to get trapped in marriage?

I've read a story of a guy whose wife has denied sex for 18 years. She is a stalwart member of their church, and there is no preaching in favor of sex - all against - sex is dirty, and needs to be controlled. All this benefits the woman and increases her power. I know guys who are in counseling for their "pornography problem" because their wives reported them to their pastor. I know of no women who have been chastised for denying sex.

Everything favors the woman's monopoly power over a man's sex.

In addition, the goal of technology is to make manual labor obsolete - which manual labor favored the men. Now we expect boys to sit still in classrooms and offices and do more detail oriented work which favors women. If the boys can't comply, we drug them or make them feel worthless because they aren't able to do girl stuff.

All in all, I see less purpose for men all the time. Like I do with my cattle, might as well have the good males do the breeding, and get rid of the rest. Just think - women wouldn't then complain about picking up dirty socks and other disgusting things associated with men.