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Not an Insult or a Bad Thing

I don't think you're thinking of the same kind of "game" that they are. Then again, more open and honest than his dad? It was jarring how open and honest Ron Paul was. Ron Paul seems more open and honest than the vast majority of Americans. Rand Paul is much more tactful.

I think that many "full" libertarians, as in ones without conservative leanings, who support Rand Paul tend to believe that he's playing "games." As in not advocating policies that are as libertarian as he personally is. Also, that he's picking his battles and prioritizing them. For instance, he might think that restoring civil liberty, ending the wars, and fixing spending are more important than ending victimless crime (too many people support the laws anyway) and he expects to spend his entire presidency fighting on those things and never get around to more radical libertarian policy.

Of course, they could be wrong and Rand Paul's beliefs could just be a blend of libertarianism and conservatism.