Comment: 5th Grade...... Country Kid Meets Independant City Kid

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5th Grade...... Country Kid Meets Independant City Kid

Pretty much walked and toed the line thru 4th grade in my small country elementary.... had decent teachers things were as normal as they could be. Then the kid from the big city joined our 5th grade class. Our 5th grade teacher was a real doozy, showing up just to collect a pay check.

One day city kid Andy was caught with chewing gum during class time. A big NO NO NO in any class at that time. Mr Griffith walked to the back of the room to make an example of Andy, and had him stand up and told him to spit his gum on the school room floor. Mr Griffith said to Andy "If you want your gum you can have it now". Andy smiled, bent over picked up the gum and back into his mouth it went with a huge smile.

Andy got escorted immediately to the principals office. From that day forward Mr Griffith was no longer the Captain of the ship. The illusion of authority was smashed. Too bad I didn't have a really talented 5th grade teacher.... a shame, a cry'n shame they even let that man thru the front doors. I think I'll go do a web search on Andy and see how far he's gone in life....!!!!

Ramblin Randy