Comment: "Main Core" unite!

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"Main Core" unite!

It would seem 8 million should be able to handle marching on DC and cleaning house. We just need to get a hold of the CIA "Main Core" list ( and let everyone know they are on it. That ought to stoke the brush fire enough, don't you think?

If I found out I was on an unconstitutional and unconscionable CIA hit list I think that would be enough for me. How about you? Would you wait around to get selectively culled?

I would certainly hit first in self-defense and be quite comforted in my decision and commitment in the spirit of my forefathers. If this truly exists, I think the CIA is in possession of the army of 8 million's roster for reveille call... A few Saudi paid Jihadists will have nothing on that...

We could thank the CIA (as we hang each agent who participated) for putting our like minded brothers and sisters on a nice contact list for us.

If Snowden has this list,,, I say game on!

One nicely distributed robo-call with a text and an email letting everyone on that NAZI list know, and I am pretty sure we will see them all in DC to take back our Capital. Heck, we could even invite the no fly list folk just for good measure!

Koukesh had it right after all if that list comes out I am pretty sure he'll get his march alright. My guess all 8 million will show.

What choice would you be left with but to exercise the last resort for freedom outlined by our ever-so-wise founders or wait for your door to be smashed in some night.

I can tell you I will not be one of the ones waiting in fear for that. Terrorist don't scare me (no matter who they are)and I will not let my government do it officially either.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.