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Guys. People. Don't be fooled. Russell is a pimp for anything. Right now you're seeing him in a lot of posts because he is promoting a new film. Once the marketing dollars have run out and the film has had its run you won't hear a squeak from him.

He's one of those that will take money from any side.

Personally what you do in your bedroom is your own thing. Keep it to yourself as I would keep my personal life to myself and I'm not gay.

If you choose to follow a religion you are free to do so and I won't criticize you for it. I will defend you're freedom to practice whatever your religion is so long as you don't harm another. I may not agree with your religion or practice it and I may not even like you personally but we don't all have to be friends anyway.

Russels audience is the sheeple. They will follow any which way the crowd will go. They're the 'too far gone' ones. Turn off the tv and Russel is pretty much non exsistsnt. In fact do yourself a favor and throw out the tv completely. His whole show is exactly that - a show. It's all staged, acted out for entertainment. It's fake. The guests might even be fake. It's a kabuki dance. It's to turn the masses into agreeable sheep.

See it for what it is. Getting two actors as guests, a blind audience and a man who will do anything his masters tell him.

He will kiss your libertarian ass if he gets to influence you.

Go out in the real world, make some good friends and make yourself a life. He's just appealing to a large niche audience and they're lapping it up.