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rights are just claims to x

rights are just claims to x political power or freedom, and can only be granted by persuading the collective of its interest in granting that power or freedom. no individual has the force to enforce any political claim.

power and freedom have concrete meaning in the real world. power is what you can control, freedom is the absence of interference or control over yourself. a right is only a claim to this or that political relation between yourself and the rest of society. any such claim can only be upheld by force.

the way your claims become politically real is if you can persuade others to defend them along with you, with force if necessary. might is right changes into, law is right. the might of mutual defense of the legally established political or legal relationships, between members of society.

these arrangements will tend to follow the actual power distribution of individuals and classes, so that your actual level of power and influence will be reflected in your political rights.

your argument, or appeal, for your 'rights' to society will have to be an appeal to their moral beliefs, their interests in common with yours, or their interests in not 'treading' on your claimed rights.

therefore they have to be reasonable, foremost, in that they make sense to other people. if you make crazy claims and your moral or ethical arguments are easily refutable, they won't carry weight and will fail to persuade sufficient members of society to join in defending your claims (rights).

secondly, they can't infringe on the basic interests of others, or they won't find any supporters.

finally, your appeal needs to be broad enough so that the collective strength of all who subscribe to put forward the same claims actually have sufficient social, economic, and physical force to uphold the claims against the other segments of society and opponents of your claims.

otherwise, you're just pissing in the wind.