Comment: IB4: "Well duh freedom and liberty are Christian principles."

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IB4: "Well duh freedom and liberty are Christian principles."

Which one of these quotes indicates that the U.S. was founded on Christian principles?

Are you just saying that, "Because many founders were Christian it HAS TO be founded on Christian principles"?

You realize that wouldn't make any sense right? That's like saying because Hitler was Catholic, Nazism must have been founded on Catholic principles. Or it's like saying that because I'm an atheist, I drive my car with atheistic principles. Doesn't make any sense.

If I make a paper airplane and I'm religious, does that inherently concern my religion? No. Is my paper airplane automatically religious like me? No.
So if I make a government, why must that concern my religion unless I specifically make it so?
Unless I write, "YAY CHRIST" on the side of the airplane, it has nothing to do with religion, right? So if you're going to make the claim that this country has religious principles, the onus is on you to prove it.

Without ACTUALLY SHOWING A LINK between the religion and its principles and our system of government the rest of that is meaningless. I've pointed this out several times with no response. Why? Because our nation was SPECIFICALLY FORMED WITHOUT RELIGION even despite the presence of many religious founders. They did that on purpose. That speaks measures of the principles the nation was founded on. They were concerned with making a government that promoted freedom and liberty, not religion or religious principles.

IB4: "Well duh freedom and liberty are Christian principles."