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Comment: If this had happened in the real world

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If this had happened in the real world

The lady customer would have been accidently shot and killed and the NSA would have been brought in to expose all her past telecommunication records and the USG would have claimed that she was there to blow up the “Mailbox ETC”…….as a former postal worker that was pissed the “free market” was more efficient then the Post Office. And the News Media would have 8,000 news trucks parked outside with 24 hours news coverage how one more federal employee went “postal”. The News Media’s talking heads would have droned on for months or years until, A congressional committee would have convened and passed new regulations outlawing businesses from competing with the Postal Services and one million delivery service employee would have gone on the public dole while the “Post office” would have scoured the state unemployment office to find the least competent people on the face of the earth to become overpaid under worked government employees that continue to vote the same dumbasses back into office. After which so much time would have passed the general public would have forgotten how this could have happened in this country and a new conspiracy is born that the bankers are taking over the world so they can get their deliveries for free from the USG.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"