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No there you go again.

You're not being FORCED. Its just so insanely inconvenient to not use a bank that you'd be crazy to not use one. And that upsets you because you don't want to use one, so you feel justified in throwing around the 'FORCED' word. You're using the word incorrectly.

And with respect to:

By your summation we are not "forced" to pay taxes either. You could just not make any money or buy anything and therefor not have to pay taxes.

You're getting confused. There is a very clear distinction.
If you don't pay taxes you will be arrested, prosecuted, fined, and jailed.
THAT is being forced to do something.

Even people who make no money still have to pay taxes... they just happen to owe nothing.


Did you know that in the state I live in it is now illegal to purchase second hand items with cash.

That is an unenforceable law, and I'm surprised your stupid state legislature ever thought that that law could hold up in the courts.