Comment: Too Many Unanswered Questions

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Too Many Unanswered Questions

I have not read anything that has said what he was doing out at 4am in the morning in that area. Had he left home, was he going home? His wife hasn't said anything either that has been posted.

His car hit a fire hydrant prior to the tree. Is that what caused the engine/transmission and drive shaft to be torn from the car and end up 100' away? Photos of the car do not indicate the type of high speed damage usually associated with hitting a tree, or in this case a palm tree.

The eye witness said the car "jack knifed" before it crashed. Did Hastings try to put the car into a broadside spin because his throttle was stuck and had no brakes? Was he a victim of "Boston Brakes", where the ECU of the car is taken over and you are along for the ride?

Why would he be speeding and running red lights? Doesn't make sense to get a cop after you doing that. Had somebody shot at him and he was panic fleeing. Saw a post that said there were some bullet holes in the door, don't know if it is true or not.

Give the car to Mercedes to investigate. I am sure they would like to look at the physics of what tore the engine out and why the car immediately "blew up" and caught fire.

Lots of questions, but the police have already closed the case?