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Comment: The are also economic consequences to permiting abortion.

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The are also economic consequences to permiting abortion.

For example, those 55 million, many of whom would have paid Social Security taxes, would have helped sustain this Ponzi Scheme's viability. But, enough of this.

Truth is, NOBODY knows when human life begins. Christians argue that human life begins at conception (utter nonsense, when one realizes even strict Catholics and fundamentalists do not perform last rights on miscarriages). Jews argue human life begins when a child takes the first breath (which also seems far-fetched, given the emotional bond that frequently develops between mother and child while the child is still in utero}. Finally, Buddhists believe the child's soul enters the mother's womb BEFORE conception and first cellular formation. Given science cannot verify ANY of these beliefs (and they are just "beliefs"), the most logical solution for the state is to use "viability" as the determinant. That is, IF the child is likely to survive OUTSIDE the womb, then, and only then does a fetus deserve legal protection.

In any event, if one believes in eternal life, death is of no consequence, and the taking of an innocent life only hurts those involved, be the murderer or the survivors.