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Well, here is my response to you.

"The IRS is there to collect money from the wages of people."

More like: The IRS is there to steal money from people in accordance with the IRC.

" The wars are funded by the QEs."

All taxes and Treasuries are fungible. They go into one big pot, are stirred all around, and then spit out to all the various rip-off agencies, beggars, and if there are a few crumbs left over, the people will get some for a pet project at home (read pork spending; something all of us libertarians should push for more of).

"I can't believe you are happy about this theft/redistribution of funds of the people."

I am not happy about theft; that was my point. But I am even less happy about being stolen from and having my money spent on: wars that create more enemies for me, technology and idiots that spy on me, departments, that are ran by the industry they are purported to regulate, over-regulating me, poisoning me, snooping on everything I do, counterfeiting my medium of exchange and forcing me to solely use it and report everything I buy with it, regulating what I can do on my own property, and on and on.

Did the article say these hardworking souls, that happened to pop out of their mama's womb on the wrong side of the Rio, did not pay the taxes before they had it returned? Nope. 'Aliens' often do pay income taxes; ever heard of a taxpayer ID? They give them out freely; anyone can have one. 'Aliens' also pay property, utility, gas, luxury, and sales tax. And even if they did not pay the aforementioned income tax, I would be much happier if my money went to some hard working, fun-loving, adventurous, poor people than to the above mentioned Levitation.