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Just seems to me, Ron was more a gamer than Rand. Rand is backing up what he's saying with actions.. He's not pandering to Libertarians and I'm very grateful for this because it's a go nowhere party by design, and Rand wants to get somewhere, where Ron would drive me for one, nuts by not standing for himself, or throwing a curve ball.. 911 was not an inside job, but "blowback", for example.

If not for Ron, I would not be in the GOP, and I never thought I would like the GOP, but I really really like the GOP since my committee became a liberty committee. Ron needed us to join the GOP for him to get a nomination he wasn't going to get.. we had to fight.. and now.. so many people on my committee support Rand, it's like we have to fight each other to see who's going to the national convention.. The next RNC is going to be one hell of a party.

Rand doesn't need me.. He's set, and he owes his Dad for that start, but the gains he's made are his own.. he's not playing games, setting anyone up to fight to lose, he's definately in it to win.