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Comment: Greenwald handles himself extremely well with these jerks. But..

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Greenwald handles himself extremely well with these jerks. But..

I wish he'd stop repeatedly calling for public debate for the sake of democracy.

In doing so, he and others making similar comments practically invite the gov't/media to play this game of turning things upside down, where the spotlight is taken off the gov't violations of our constitutional rights and is instead turned on the ones exposing the gov't wrongdoings and the exposers are made out to be the bad guys, including himself.

By calling for public debate for the American people to decide whether they're ok with it or not, it paves the way for the gov't/media attempts to try to portray whistleblowers as leakers, to portray investigative journalists as criminals and co-conspirators for actually doing their job of being a watchdog of the gov't like they're supposed to, and for the media to come up with so called polls and statements by idiotic reporters where they assert to the public they wish to persuade that they're ok with the gov't spying and intrusions.

We know how that goes. When people think everyone else is ok with something, well...

But we have a constitutional republic where our rights are supposed to be protected regardless of the opinion of the masses. So, it isn't a matter of whether the public got a chance to let the gov't know if they're ok with the intrusions or not. The point is that the gov't violated our rights.

...regardless of whether the public would be ok with it.