Comment: Thanks for the belly laugh. I stuck my head out the window,

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Thanks for the belly laugh. I stuck my head out the window,

...and the fox said the chickens are doing just fine, all is well. That's how funny it is, you saying FEMA signed off on nothing suspicious before the evidence was destroyed.

Additionally, clearly no one is challenging the necessity of clearing the debris from ground zero, we are talking about the next step of shipping it to China and India to be melted. So you reveal yourself as a standard, boring run of he mill disinfo, deliberately misrepresenting the question.

The only thing you said which was true as "the buildings ripped apart at their connectors." Hey funny how that happened! The towers standing there for all those years without this happening, then suddenly a few small fires which firefighters said they could put out with "two lines" (hoses) causes the buildings to rip themselves apart. Then in the same breath you say there was "not one sign of a CD." Do you know how retarded that is?

That's like saying "all we found was some holes in the victim, but there was no evidence of a shooting."

In the below capture of the south tower, ten to 30 foot lengths of steel beam can be seen spinning away at explosive speeds like tooth picks. How does that happen if the steel "got soft" and "collapsed?"

Following clearly shows the arcing streamers of debris in the China demolition, very similar to those seen coming off the twin towers. The "top-down" style of demolition is rarer than traditional bottom-up implosion, and is used for taller buildings where cutting it from the bottom to the top introduces a tipping danger.

"Banana peel" demolition in China, same type as the towers:

Release the Sandy Hook video.