Comment: It's exactly why it should not be legalized

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It's exactly why it should not be legalized

Medical cannabis should be decriminalized as it is in Mendocino County where the residents remian in peace with each other, rights protected by our oath keeping sheriff adn DA, and within state legislation that has nothing to do with legalization and everything to do with rights for the individual (Prop 215).

By legalization you give complete power to the state and feds and it costs you, money, taxes, unfair taxes, government subsidized jobs, bogus education, certification, legalization, more courts, more people in prison and more cribme because the government proves repeatedly they are a bad business, bad business manager, corruption runs rampent and the people who need medical cannabis are the last ones who get it because of the great cost having to compete against programs like Obamacare.

The legalization movement is nothing but a socialist plot to profit off misery for, and of the state and feds prison industrial complex and bankers.