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Comment: What I'm about to write has

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What I'm about to write has

What I'm about to write has nothing to do with Paula Deen but just my thoughts on this new race reality we're in. There's a Madden gamer on YouTube who uses the N word often. And yet the guy has become immensely popular because it's all in good fun. He even does video's where he highlights an "angry hood nigga rant". Now the guy who does the videos is black, and they're hilarious. Not because he or I is a racist, but because it's all so stupid and silly. But it reminds me of that movie, Django Unchained. They use the N word constantly in both an historical context but an ironic or humorous way - for instance when Samuel Jackson's character uses it.

There's the real world, where we all make fun of our OWN race, ethnicity, weight, or weaknesses and then there's the fake political correctness world where we never do. I don't really inhabit the PC world because it does not exist outside of the media. In real life, family and friends say offensive shit to each other on a daily basis. It's actually a way to connect with each other. It's typically never meant in an aggressive manner. But this all gets twisted and used when people are looking to create controversy.

This all overlooks the fact that Paula Deen has every RIGHT to use that word. Just as black people use it all the time.