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"does he honestly think 10

"does he honestly think 10 million oz of privately held "little guy" silver is gonna flood and overpower the biggest silver supply deficit that North America has experienced in over a century?"

There is the potential for 100million + to come to market, at a loss to its current owners.

Jerome Smith began predicting permanent supply deficits in 1967. Beginning 49 years ago, the same story has been told over and over. It hasn't happened. There have been 33 years of explanations of why it hasn't happened, starting off with the "unexpected" supply from governments/central banks. But each time silver approaches the "inevitable", some "unforeseen" supply hits the market.

Through the 1980's up to 2000 the US sell off of silver reserves was blamed for depressing prices. 130 million ounces. That SAME 130 million ounces, plus a hell of a lot more (that amount again in ASE's alone, 250 million +ASE's), is being held in private hands, ready to come to market under "unforeseen", "unexpected" conditions. The supply deficits never happen, and the "unforeseen" supply is always to blame...

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