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I don't doubt that

some are doing that, or considering it a side benefit, or just the man considering it a side benefit, but there really are Christian communities that hold theologies that wouldn't unequivocally lead to this, but it gets you 90% of the way there. A lot of effort, even in more mainstream Christianity, has been put into a theological justification for corporal punishment of children and such things can be re-packaged for a marriage if you also have a theology where the man is responsible for what everyone else does. Also, there are misogynistic threads in some communities where everything that's wrong in a marriage is automatically blamed on the woman for not being submissive enough, even when the husband beats her, so that thinking could justify this drastic measure to increase the mythological level of submissiveness. Add onto that a heaping helping of legalism within a cultish church and these things can happen.

If you ever see a video of Debi Pearl, look into her eyes. I'm not saying that couple practices this, but if you wonder how a marriage gets to the point it would accept this, the answer is in her eyes. I'd post an example link, but I seriously can't stand to see her deceptive, blank smile enough to vet a link for you or to wade through the other creepy stuff the couple says. She's not just masking her own misery, she has let enough of her person-hood die that she can no longer feel misery. And then they use her ability to still plaster on a fake smile to sell misogyny through her book Created to be His Helpmeet.

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