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"No major civil wars in this period or totalitarian rule."

We have a global banking tyranny threatening to enslave the entire planet into collectivist financial debt brought to you by nearly 100 years of non-stop war.

The ONLY reason fractional reserve banking has survived this long is because we have been in constant war enslaving and destroying any who oppose the OPEC treaty. If we didn't, we wouldn't be able to get our money off our shores, and all of our inflation would hit America instead of the toilet bowl otherwise known as the Middle East.

The only differance between modern fractional reserve banking and what the gold smiths were doing is that ours won't collapse as long as we can export our inflation, get the whole world in on the scandle and destroy/enslave those being ruined by it.

Now that the Petro Dollar is dying, we'll see how long fractional reserve banking lasts.