Comment: Not a big fan of "War", surely...

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Not a big fan of "War", surely...

..but otherwise I'm good with the concept of wringing "the resources of this Earth through ... Trade." Also, as a living organism who has been historically condemned to die at around age thirty-five of malnutrition or other trauma, I'm also big of the life and leisure extending benefits of "Biotechnology" (dentistry, agriculture, botony, oncology...). As for "Vanity", that's pretty much a neutral issue. Like self-love, or self-awareness, vanity is neither good nor bad. A healthy life probably needs a measure of self-regard, and a pathological narcissist likely has an inflated sense of entitlement and grandiosity. The final mystery in your missive is "Geneticism". I don't even know what that is supposed to mean. If it's supposed to be a branch of biotech, then it is also a neutral concept like "hammer" or "gun." The moral problems arise with the application, not the instrument itself.

Thanks for the engaging puzzle.

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