Comment: This is what social engineering looks like.

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This is what social engineering looks like.

Right out of the gate you call me a white supremacist. Silly girl, you're really too far gone to try to change so I will step over you and let other people who are reading this know that yes, we are all tribal to a certain degree and many women in this Country have been brainwashed into giving their Country away because they choose not to be a hater.

It's funny how just only white people can be haters but that lets you know that social engineering is strong and able to get people to go against their own interest in order to be politically correct. No one that I know condones the words that Mrs. Dean admits to using but make no mistake, we all go tribal at one time in our life or another. Hopefully goodness prevails and we come back to our senses.

There is now a war going on against the white race, ignore it, laugh about it and say it isn't so but that does not make it not so. I have no doubt what kind of person feels this way but if you want to see what you are doing to your Country, just keep feeling the way you feel and acting the way you act.

When a women comes out and sincerely apologizes, you forgive her and go on. That is unless you are like Jimmy Swaggart and are here to preach to us sinners how lost we all really are. How we will never measure up to your standards.