Comment: That's nothin'. The federal executive will have info on all....

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That's nothin'. The federal executive will have info on all....

...folks who MIGHT EVER RUN or be appointed to ANY government office. I.e. TOTAL CONTROL OF ALL BRANCHES of government, military, all levels of government, incl. federal, state, county, local.

How about simply that from a spiritual perspective it is literal satanism? Is that not perhaps the WORST implication of all?

Put aside your religion (atheism or other) and please consider the following objectively:

The gospel of Christ is one of FORGIVENESS and REPENTANCE with the central tenet being that it is possible for a sinner to genuinely repent and his past sins will be WIPED CLEAN for ever and ever.

The purpose of surveilling law abiding people is to gather data that will be used against them FOREVER AND EVER. There is no forgiveness. There is no repentence. It is used for POWER AND CONTROL over people. This is the polar opposite of the central tenet of Christ's message and happens to be the actual gospel of Satan, the Eternal Adversary.

Satan's plan for man is to CONTROL them. There is no forgiveness. There is no repentenance. Anything you EVER DO can and will be used against you FOR EVER AND EVER, regardless of whether you have actually grown and changed as a human being (repented), you will be PUNISHED FOREVER.

Free people do not monitor each other. It's as simple as that. Degenerate evil people do. Those who are literally asserting the gospel of Satan, of no forgiveness or repetenance, of control though BLACKMAIL of your sins for ever and ever do.