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Wonderful music

It has a Detlef Schrempf feel to it. I'm glad you liked that Daft Punk tune. There are some real gems on that album, which I got due to a short-term pricing anomaly on Amazon.

The whole album has grown on me more & more. I consider it a new, instant classic, right up on par with Dark Side of the Moon (believe it or not!) in that it is a unified whole, and it captures this era, so perfectly. I feel like I could write a book about it.

Within the last hour, someone (I don't know who - but I bet s/he's on this thread!) sent me this email, which I quote in full:

I just have to tell you I absolutely love RAM. ..Every note sparks an energy and emotion in me. I have not felt so inspired and moved by music in several years. RAM flowed through me and uplifted my spirits. I forgot how music can awaken and heighten our awareness and we need to be stimulated in this way. Daft Punk said they traveled back to the roots of music for their new sound by melding the past with the present in order to find their unique sound of the future. They broke away from their purely electronic beat by incorporating real instruments along with synthesizers.

Nobody on the Daily Paul is quite as mesmerized by this album. Ha!

That about sums it up for me, too. Samantha got tired of me playing it so much, so I put it on the headphones, and I've been bringing selective songs out for her. This morning, in the car she agreed what a great album it is, and said, "There is a lot to learn from it." That is the whole point of art...

The album works as a whole, it is hard to pick out another song, but this one pretty well rocks the house:

Lose yourself to dance:

Check your email for a little gift.

BTW - I moved! So your package might be a bit delayed, but I'll let you know when it arrives. Thank you!