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I guess I live in the world where Rogue elements of the US Gov including the NSA were integral in the 911 False Flag. I recognize that even here on the DP this is less than mainstream, but that is truly where my heart has been for years. Assuming that, I want to believe a mid-level whistleblower in the NSa willing to risk his life for his country would provide at least some information about the criminal activity of our governement beyond just collecting our emails and fb posts. We all knew that was the case anyway for many months, this just confirms it. I guess I'm questioning if this man was truly an NSA insider whistleblower whom on moral grounds was going to risk his life, why wouldn't he say SOMETHING about the Rogue elements of the US GOV involvement in 911?

Maybe he just didn't have any info on 911...

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!