Comment: Maybe you smell what you choose to smell but facts are facts.

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Maybe you smell what you choose to smell but facts are facts.

This Country has had a war going on against the white race for the past 50 years. The demographics prove this. You will now see 1/4 of this nation change over night or within the next few years. Your laws will change, you will never again see a white male president in these here United States.

Will that be good? Ask Detroit or any other large town that no longer has white families living in them. This Country in the early 1960's was almost 96 percent white. Now look and see how many whites there are. What does this mean to me? I try to find a safe neighborhood to live in so you tell me what my neighbors look like. I don't need to tell you seeing as you use your nose to figure these things out. Did you know that over 50,000 white people have been murdered by blacks in this Country in the past 50 years?

Well seeing as it is the white mans fault then what do you suggest he do? Offer benefits and allow hiring preferences and give special scholarships so that crime will go down? Maybe elect a black president? Has this worked? Truth is something none of us like to look at including me from time to time but just because you are not looking does not mean it is not there. Jackson once said, "the best feeling he had when walking down a street in D.C was to find out it was a white person walking behind you at night." His words not mine