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Of all the journalists

Out of all the journalists in the world, Edward Snowden picks Greenwald to be his "Ace" mouthpiece, this should show the American people just how corrupt things are, and to exile himself out of fear for his life. What's happened to the world, when Americans must now exile to another country, afraid of persecution, for being a whistleblower.
Gregory is a fake journalist, whereas Mr. Greenwald seems to be a champion of the Truth. Thank you Mr. Greenwald for standing up to their attempts to "spin" propaganda against Mr. Snowden.
If the people can't see how MSM is completely in the pocket of the government, with their attempts to portray Mr. Snowden as a traitor, then I don't think they ever will.
Investigative journalism no longer exists in America, the real traitors of the Republic are all the "fake" journalists, such as Gregory.