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Hmm, very deep philosophical

Hmm, very deep philosophical thinking here. One thing that comes to mind after reading some of these comments is that if a right is truly inalienable, why did they have to declare and write them down in the Bill of Rights? I like to think that the rights that anyone has are whatever it is that they can physically accomplish in this natural world (god given). If someone else doesn't like it, they too have the right to do whatever it is that they can achieve to do about it. If someone does me wrong, I can turn around and do something about it in retaliation. And if my neighbors/peers don't agree with the way I handled the situation, they too can do something about it. We would have a world where everyone would respect everyone else's rights, or capabilities, to retaliate against any wrong doing. In other words, if you have no laws, you will have no crimes. Anyone that is prone to wrong doings, one way or another, will not be doing it for long.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.