Comment: This is my take on Rights...

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This is my take on Rights...

Ability and Rights are not the same thing but they do correlate.
Law and Rights are also not the same. Rights stem from ownership. Law stems from the rights to Our Life, Our Liberty and Our Property. Morality stems from self discipline. Moral rights are used to build your life. Immoral rights are used to destroy your life. Quick example of moral and immoral rights; You have a right and ability to lie to people. That would be an immoral right. You also have the right and ability to be honest with people. That would be a moral right. Ability stems from your being, genetics.

Living things do have a right to try and defend themselves from harm. Not all living things have the ability. A person with perfect eyesight has the ability to exercise their right to see. A blind person would not be able to exercise that right. Unfortunately we do have defective parts occasionally and bad things happen... But a person with dysfunctional legs does not lose their right to walk. Ability can change with technology, friends, family, charity and many other factors.
A cat has the right to see in the dark, a human does not, that is a right granted to them by life. A cat could have temporary blindness but does not lose their right to see, only their ability, temporarily. Even a blind person, via technology that could possibly see one day does not gain a new right, they are simply able to exercise one they've always had.

Important Consideration
The right to YOUR LIFE, does not mean you have the right to live, although you do have an ability to live. It means you have ownership of your life, you control it. You can protect it or end it. If you stop eating, you die. That means, naturally, you do not have a right to LIVE although you may have the ability to.

A person has a right to cause harm to themselves. A person has a right to consume, wear, not wear or do anything they want to themselves, that's self ownership.

An elderly person may not have the ability to utilize any of their possessions but they do not automatically lose their right to them. If someone comes in and takes all of their property because they lack the ability to stop them, they never lost their right to it. They were wronged, someone stole from them. If the property gets recovered it is returned to its rightful owner.

Your case about the thief feeding themselves may not be accurate. The thief is always wrong. They have no right to steal. They have a right to ask or work for food and, at the same time, others have a right to ignore or deny them food when asked. A thief could steal someone's last potions of food which causes them to get malnourished or die. A thief could see that a person has a bunch of extra food and they steal a portion of it not knowing that the stolen portion was meant for one of the person's family members who supports 10 children, resulting in sickness or death.

Rights that are usurped are not nullified \ lost. They still exist as rights. Even if all ability is lost, the right remains the same.

BTW, What are these "political rights" of which you speak?

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