Comment: It Ain't Gunvernment

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It Ain't Gunvernment

if people won't get up off their rusty dusty rumpuses for the crap that Obama has pulled already, it's not gonna happen. Yah, a lot people are fed up at the erosion of civil liberties, that is sure, but they aren't going to come out in the streets for it. Look at Brazil and Turkey lately as examples of why they do.

What really gets people is when it hits them in the pocketbook. When value of their money is inflated away in front of their eyes they get secretly very angry, especially because it's all done so surreptitiously they don't know who to blame. Then some dumb catalyst trips things - like bus fares being raised, or a kerfuffle about some trees in some public park, and wham! the next thing you know people are hurling Molotov cocktails at a police line decked out in riot gear. All that pent up frustration from seeing your quality of life being whittled away - your paycheck is worthless, not enough to put bread on the table and what? they're tapping my internet? WTF, somebody's going to pay.....

The average Joe Sixpack won't blame the government in the USA. They'll blame whomever is around, the scapegoat of the moment. Just hope you ain't it, because it won't make any sense, broadly speaking. When interest rates start rising and Bernanke's house of cards start to topple (when the government can't print money fast enough to pay the interest on its own loans - see the 10-year treasury rate lately?) - watch out for some small incident to set the whole thing on its edge. It might be a Rodney King, it might be a Boston lockdown, might be a power outage during a particularly hot time of the summer, but it could be any trivial thing that sets the whole pile of tinder ablaze.

Stay away from the big cities. Pack heat, buy precious metals, and put up a stash.