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It is the Carlyle Group

They are the most likely ones who did 9-11 likely through their associate Barry McDaniel, COO Stratasec at the time of the 9-11, likely being the key coordinator of planting the explosives in the WTC during the 36 hour power down in the WTC the weekend before 9-11 as well as the several evacuation drills they had at the WTC in the 2 months prior to 9-11.

The Carlyle Group are the clandestine conglomerate born of illegal drug money and fractional reserve banking system. They are the ones who set up the entire debt situation with China through they're Chinese banks that they launder the drug money through and then make available for China to 'loan' to the US. The Carlyle Group was founded by the king of darkness himself GHW Bush, along with James Baker III and the Bin Laden family. The Carlyle group is THE Militant intelligence division of the NWO. If the American military were to take down the Carlyle group and the skull and bones, the NWO would lose their prime militant intelligence arm of the World Government. This is the level that all free people should be thinking on at this point. These are the people who have been planning and executing this international march towards a fascist prison planet for a very long time.

The Bush family along with the skull and bones are the ones who funded the NAZI party, Hitler and even profited from the slave labor of Auschwitz along with several other Skull and Bones members through the Union Banking corporation. Prescott Bush attempted to form an army of 500,000 American NAZIs to overthrow the US government along with his skull and bones buddies but was exposed by Smedley Butler which thwarted this immediate violent NAZI coup only to be traded for a much longer term agenda to realize these same ends. The Skull and Bones was founded by the owner of the worlds largest opium trading company in the 1830s and the Skull and Bones has utilized resources gained from the illegal drug trade and banking to fund their terrorism and warfare against the American people at large. Skull and bones members founded the OSS which became the CIA and their militant intelligence gang are the ones who carried out the RFK/JFK assassination in order to protect the fractional reserve banking system. It is also the skull and bones founded operation paperclip which led to our mass water fluoridation for population passivation.

I found the beginning of this dirty history through reading the entire Iran Contra affair transcripts, resulting criminal investigations and prosecutions, and following back the individuals involved and their heritage and business relations over 300 years and learned voluminous encyclopedias of information about these people and their history. Notice how the Iran Contra investigation was called the Kerry Commission? John Kerry is a skull and bones member and he is the one who never called GHW Bush to testify even though MANY people testified that indeed GHW Bush was the mastermind of Iran Contra affair and witnesses who even described in detail how the drug profits from the drugs they were running into America were laundered into the banking system by the low-level bankers actually doing the laundering for them. Notice how America ended up being convicted of International State sponsored terrorism by the International Criminal court for the Contra death squads they set up and the mining of Nicaraguan harbors to stop all trade imports and exports in Nicaragua. Notice all the other secret wars of the 1980s all through their clandestine and support activities of the World Bank and IMF. Notice how the investigations into the drug running into America inherently connects to Mena Arkansas and Bill and Hillary Clinton with all of their political campaign volunteers now sitting in jail for "tax evasion" or looney bins or coffins for getting too close to the truth about them. Notice how after every major international disaster Bill Clinton and GHW Bush do some big fund raiser on tv? If you knew what was actually going on you would know that those disaster relief "fundraising" events is all a front for the drug money they are laundering into the banking system so that they can fractional reserve the drug profits in order to generate the loans to corporations they use to gain control over those corporations through debt. The Bushes and Clintons are literally laughing at your stupidity for not knowing this.

I found all of this between 1994 - 1998 and spent the next 3 years trying to warn people that these people were going to attack America and bring in a NAZI style fascist police state, but every one called me a whack job. After 9-11 they called me a conspiracy theorist and told me to leave America. Now they are listening but after 19 years of detailed thorough research into this the Americans are generally just as ignorant as ever. How are you ever going to catch up to the awareness and detailed intelligence of those who have known these dirty details and more ever expanding awareness of these facts for so long? The answer is you won't. You never had the will to really protect America or your rights. Now you will face the writing on the wall and you will likely be crushed by the boot that will step on your face forever.

To all the assholes who called us Conspiracy Theorists and allowed this nightmare to happen all while we were trying to warn you and actually do something about it:


Your arrogance, ignorance and intellectual laziness destroyed America. This is why people like Alex Jones and myself are so angry. It is because people like him and myself knew the whole time what was happening and Americans sure would spend plenty of time watching stupid television shows but would not be willing to dig into every single detail of ALL threats facing America. Vigilance must maintained at all times otherwise you see what happens? A free country can be turned into a mass murdering worldwide NAZI style fascist eugenics driven nightmare from hell. This is the result when one does not accept liability for their own actions. You want somebody else to "fix" it for you; go ahead and keep lying to yourself. I hope that boot stepping on your face feels good...

The Carlyle group is the domestic and international enemy of We the People and We the People should issue a formal Congressional Declaration of War against them in order to send the full force of the US military after them and destroy them.

Oh and if you don't want the US Military to lawfully annihilate this most egregious enemy of We the People, let me explain what these Neocons of the Project for the New American century including Jeb Bush meant when they stated on page 60 of their document "Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century":

"And advanced forms of biological warfare
that can “target” specific genotypes may
transform biological warfare from the realm
of terror to a politically useful tool."

You know the DNA swabs and DNA database they wish to get you into? That information will go directly into their database systems in order to build a detailed map of the genetics tree of all humanity. With this detailed map of genetic branches of the human tree they will find where the differential gene codes branch off from 'desirables' and develop genetically targeted bioweapons that will cut off entire genetic branches of the human tree. They're history and activities demonstrates that they indeed believe in some form of Aryan (Elite) race of man and they are working to implement total control of the human evolutionary tree through this detailed genetic code information of the human specie combined with "politically useful" genetically targeted bioweapons. What's that again about not having anything to hide? Are you going to accept even a Supreme Court case ruling of DNA collection as being lawfully valid knowing this fact of their intent? What will you do when faced a psychopathic cop on the side of the road holding a gun to your face demanding a DNA swab? Will you have the wherewithal to realize that in that moment facing a psychopathic tyrannical DNA barbarian will determine the possible success or failure of your entire genetic lineage?

Are the ignorant arrogant TEA party or Neoconned or Socialist Democratic fools going to still going to call me an "extremist" or "whack job" or "conspiracy theorist"? We are losing America's organic laws until we actually know who the real enemy is and their agenda through extremely detailed and vigorous intelligence gathering and then actually utilize our advanced military capability to execute and win this truly just war. We have a war being fought against us and we are still debating whether or not we should have conspiracy theorists involved in the politically correct process. This is nuts when one realizes the true scope of what is going on. We should seriously and immediately begin the discussion of actually issuing a formal US congressional declaration of war against this international war crime syndicate known as the Carlyle Group and probably include the Bank of International Settlements and historic members of the Bilderberg as possible addendums to this declared domestic and international enemies of We the People.

Either we write the history of justice or they write the entire human tree of life. Which one will it be? Are you strong enough America? Are the military people out their strong enough to actually follow the law and not just obey the orders of corrupt men? Are you smart enough to find the real enemies? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves. If we do nothing we will fully deserve permanent jack boots upon our faces.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...