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Comment: Rand paul

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Rand paul

The son who betrayed his father, and his fathers suporters, the guy who betrayed me. Hukster go home. Nothing but hogwash bs, after 2008 if you didnt start to understand the truth about who is running the false debt slavery over humanity you missed the boat. You boldly represent all the wrong things. Yet you say your all about liberty and want to group up to support a proven traitor who has sourounded himself with the same people who betrayed Ron Paul not to mention again his betrayal. A Mitch McConnel puppet, er a puppet of a pupper.

You rail against those fighting for freedom then call the very same people to follow you in support of a turncoat who is a NEOCON at heart.

Just to be sure> quote "I didn't really start posting at DP until after the 2008 elections. Im not trying to upset anyone, but the conspiracy theorists took RPF over after the 2008 elections and that is why I started posting here."

THE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS? TOOK OVER? So your here to protect the DailyPaul from Conspiracy Theorists?

I waste my time on this but it smells rotten and I hope everyone can see through your game.