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Please go way back and read the wiki subject thoroughly

If there is something you do not understand about it, use wiki's features to research it.

Your presentation is snobbish and the words you use are abusive. This does not endear people to want to spend their precious time explaining this to you who seem to be willfully misunderstanding.

The way it works without sending secret information is that two keys are chosen by computer A, and two by computer B. The two keys have a mathematical property. When A wants to send B information securely, they exchange the "public" key but never exchange the "private" key. (In this sense, "public" and "private" can be read as "X" and "Y", you said "public means it's in the public and doesn't need to be exchanged" which is a mischaracterization of how this works; the "X" key is never shared, the "Y" key is given to all).

The next step is A encrypts the message using A's private key ("X" key which is never shared with anyone, including B) and B's public key (or "Y" key which can be shared with everyone). When B receives the encrypted message, it is able to decrypt it using a combination of A's public key ("Y" key) and B's private key ("X" key), because of the mathematical relationship of the keys, mentioned earlier.

You need to investigate further than what you think you see on the surface. And like the other commenter pointed out, if you think you see an "obvious" flaw in some software that people have been thinking logically about for years, you might want to verify what you think you perceive before communicating about it.

Or as my dad told me years ago, "it's better to keep quiet and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

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