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Stratesec ...

... provided security services to the World Trade Center, United Airlines (Flight 175 and Flight 93), Dulles Airport (Flight 77), and Los Alamos National Laboratories where they were developing nano-thermite explosives of the type found in the WTC rubble.

Stratesec included --

Director: Marvin Bush, brother of George W. Bush

CEO: Wirt Dexter Walker III, cousin to Marvin and George

COO: Barry McDaniel, previously with BDM International, which specialized in "black projects" (secret government contracts)

BDM International was owned by the Carlyle Group, which also owns Booz Allen Hamilton, spy company.

At the time, the Carlyle Group executives included Frank Carlucci and James Baker, Chief of Staff and Treasury Secretary during the Reagan administration (when George H.W. Bush was Vice-President) and Secretary of State during the GHW Bush administration.

Prior to his time at BDM, McDaniel worked at Fort Belvoir, where the terrorist tracking program "Able Danger" was run and where terrorist trainer Ali Mohammed did his thing.

In addition, Stratesec's VP of Finance had worked for a company where the CEO was Roger Taylor, who was president of a subsidiary of Zapata Corporation, founded by George H. W. Bush.

Wirt Dexter Walker III became CEO of Stratesec when it was bought by Kuwam, a Kuwaiti company where he was Director. The company had originally been founded under a different name by an assistant to Nelson Rockefeller.

This is a long read, but very interesting in connecting dots:,_Russell_an...