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My understanding

Is their terms of service include "all your data is belong to us".

In that case, the data is theirs (Facebook's) -- they can share it with whoever they want, "legally".

Yes, I agree that it seems a violation. But the initial violation is that any data I share with them, I give up my right to, to them. So I have acted to minimize the data I have shared with them.

For instance, I never post pictures of me. However, pictures of me are available, because others have tagged the pictures they took at family events.

This concerns me, as I value my privacy. However, I do not have the "authority" to stop my family members from taking actions with their possessions, pictures of me included. Hmm, well if they were misrepresenting something I could perhaps use libel or slander laws to reduce my exposure.

But I'm not to the point where I would want to sue over having the pictures removed, and I think that if I were to take such an action, it would increase rather than decrease the exposure those pictures had.

Anyway, I'm on your side, and you're even better than me because you never succumbed to the beast in the first place. :)

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