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I understand skepticism of

I understand skepticism of Dr. Taitz but I've been following her cases since the first Obama administration. She was born & raised in the Soviet Union & immigrated to Israel after the USSR's collapse, married there, and then immigrated to the United States. She loves this country and doesn't want to see it sink into what she saw in the Soviet Union. If anyone recognizes it, she does. She came here and took advantage of the freedoms we have. She became a real estate agent, dentist, and attorney. She is a tenacious attorney seeking truth and has found it but the corruption is so rampant in the judicial system, she has not been able to do what she has intended and that's bring justice to what she believes Obama has done. When Sheriff Arpaio came out with the birth certification issue, I was happy because there was yet another person trying to expose it. That was the very same information Taitz was attempting to expose but was ridiculed over it. Whether Obama is a "natural born citizen" or not, he has used it to distract us from the things that are most important. I think they should stay on the trail but the public should not lose sight of all the things going on right now.