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I'm not for limiting the

I'm not for limiting the types of associations people have with each other or companies, but doesn't there seem to be something both illegal and amoral about certain parts of this whole business? I haven't quite put my finger on what exactly it is. I thought from a contractual obligation perspective, but it's not quite fitting. Your point about tagged photos is a good example. I'm up there too without any consent and with no real recourse. None of that would be a problem if the information wasn't used for anything, but it goes into data bases and gets used for marketing and profiling and who knows what else. Somewhere along these lines though, there's going to be harms created and I don't see any consumer protection for them. Not only that, we're trending towards a world where if you don't participate then you're adversely effected. I've actually had a job interview on the phone where they asked if I would allow them to review my facebook profile. Despite it being fairly respectable that they asked permission in the first place, not having facebook probably contributed to not getting a follow up interview. It's kind of like we are using the argument that it's your own fault for being foolish with your personal information while the whole system is set up in a way that even a prudent person get's compelled to divulge unknown amounts of personal information.

Thanks for the discourse. It's an issue I think about often and it's very nice to talk about it with others (who aren't stuck in the Matrix so to speak):)