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is too bad we didn't meet at the SRLC. You would have seen me (a conspiracy theorist) engaging everyone from elderly couples, to media, to political operatives and adapting the message for each one of them. Funny thing is, I didn't have to scream "9/11 is an inside job" to anyone.

It's also too bad that I spent considerable time out of my day to try and get you to realize something, and it went right over your head. Instead you've become even more exclusionary and more closed minded.

Here are the facts, not theories. Ron, Rand, Wayne, Alex, myself and others are ALL conspiracy theorists. My brother in law, who is in Afghanistan as an officer with military intelligence, is a PROFESSIONAL conspiracy theorist. Detectives are conspiracy theorists. They are called investigators.
And while everyone is a little different in their approach, MOST of us are here because the govt. is CONSPIRING to take our rights our sovereignty, and the fruits of our labor.
So you tell me who is more insane? The ones who dare question the elephants in the room, or the ones who stick their fingers in their ears and stomp their feet and say I'm going to keep beating my bloody head against this GOP wall and expect different results after 6 years of getting blatantly ass raped?
You talk about standing for "liberty and Justice." Well, you can't have that without TRUTH. Seek truth, speak truth, expect truth, DEMAND truth. It all starts with being honest with yourself.

Good luck with your group.
(I didn't vote you down BTW)