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Not enough people know about the r3volution stuff

- it is not as noticeable so you simply will not strike a conversation - or get attention - like a few weeks ago - I got pulled over and the cop mentioned my RP stickers.

I was leaving a clients building late (around 10pm) - I pulled out and could see the tell tale lights of a police car behind me so made sure to drive nice, come to complete stops etc. Sure enough - about a mile down the road the lights come on.

At first I thought he was pulling me over for being on the phone(it is so bright it lights up the entire inside of the truck at night) - I was on my Bluetooth so was ready to bust his balls. Lo and behold - he doesn't even bother with that BS - he goes right for the "well, you were pulling out of that business pretty late - I wanted to make sure you didn't have a bed full of stuff". He is looking in the bed of the pickup and trying to shine the light in the back seat(I have a quad cab). I know he is full of crap now since I had a server, a couple monitors and all sorts of boxes of stuff in the truck - so it certainly would have looked like I just robbed the place with all that sitting there. But no - he sees it all and doesn't even question it. Meanwhile- it is a torrential downpour - I mean it is coming down sideways. It was late and I was very tired so I figured - whatever - just let me get on my way. Nope.
He goes for the - I need to see your license. I said - umm - why. "Well, we need to log every stop we make with a license so we have a record". I just looked at him and said - "well that is absolute bullshit but I am too friggin tired to bust your balls tonight so here you go". I gave him the license and he starts ranting/lecturing about just doing my job, do you think I want to be out here in the pouring rain, bust may balls - screw you. I just said "whatever". Thought for sure he would go back to his car and make up some crap.

So he comes back from his car, gives me my license and then makes a comment about the Ron Paul stickers - something to the extent of - too bad Ron Paul didn't win. I had to laugh. I don't know if he pulled me over because of the stickers or not - but now in the pouring rain he wants to have a conversation - just seemed VERY suspicious. It seemed like he was trying to goad me into saying something at this point.
What an ass.

They should probably have a memo somewhere reminding officers that when rp supports say they want to bust your balls about illegal stops - they really mean it and can probably back it up - move on. LOL.

But I get many more positive conversations from them - so I will keep them.