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While I entertain certain conspiracies and certainly doubt any official govt story, it has its place, and it is not at these meetings. While you may be reasonable, many people in my experience, are not.

That is exactly why I am resolute. I am playing to win.

Someone asked Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy's) why he didnt have any other flavors of Frosty. His reply, 'Because I am in the hamburger business.' This is the same philosophy I am applying to this project.

The goal is to win and that is our focus.

Conspiracy theories are extremely divisive to J.Q. Public and hardly serve as a platform to winning elections. That thread you post, was after Alex Jones went ape-sh*t on national television. The press had a field day with him. AJ's behavior is not what I want to represent and I do not want that behavior anywhere near me, my family or the group I want to inspire.

I understand you are upset. As I was when I wrote that thread. I stepped out of line and now the chickens are coming to roost. That being said, I believe the rest of my history here has been about activism, news, music.. some humor. I would hope that my contributions here outweigh one 'hot' thread.

We may not see eye to eye, but I respect the hell outta your commitment.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul