Comment: Ecuador my second home

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Ecuador my second home

I am living in Ecuador right now and will be living here most of the year. We appreciate what our government is doing to stand up to the bullies out there. Our President is a very deep-thinking person who has stood up to the U.S. for awhile now.

Our President just posted this on Facebook this morning.
"Hola país y el mundo. Para variar, otra semana complicada. Tengan la seguridad de que analizaremos muy responsablemente el caso Snowden y tomaremos con absoluta soberanía la decisión que creamos más adecuada. Un fuerte abrazo a todos y feliz semana."

Hi country and the world. For a change, another difficult week. Rest assured that we will discuss very responsibly the Snowden case and will make with absolute sovereignty a decision that we believe to be most appropriate. A big hug to all and happy week.

Interesting times.


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