Comment: "In doing so, he and others

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"In doing so, he and others

"In doing so, he and others making similar comments practically invite the gov't/media to play this game of turning things upside down, where the spotlight is taken off the gov't violations of our constitutional rights and is instead turned on the ones exposing the gov't wrongdoings and the exposers are made out to be the bad guys, including himself."

I dont disagree with you, but dont undersestimate this in your face, new to some, revelation.....its about getting people to notice, hopefully, one way ticket to the rabbit hole.......i actually think the US government is foolish to think that the same tactics will keep working all the time......they have it in their heads, that a new tactic will come along, MUST come along, to fix the "old ways"...."political" ways........when they get further and further away from the very thing their actions betray,........TRUST.........the MORE you LOSS it, the MORE you have to make up for it..........ive not seen even ONE attempt, by those who created it, ceartainly no i say, why should people trust who are SUPPOSE to represent the WILL of the PEOPLE........NOT, the will of the "representative"