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Comment: I believe in peace, love and nonviolence...

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I believe in peace, love and nonviolence...

Unfortunately, for scumbags like Carney, many Americans have been trained (By the USGovt?) to think exactly like the USGovt- violence is the answer to everything... now, even they are starting to wake up. Your time is coming clown. I will do everything I can to spread my message of nonviolence but, an angry mob is an angry mob.

You stand in front of us saying it's OK to murder 16 year old Americans with drones 1 week and the the next week your defending kill lists... Well, LIVE BY THE SWORD- DIE BY THE SWORD FOOL! Believing in kill lists only makes it OK when your name suddenly appears on one.

I will pray for Carney and his evil masters... I fear for their future.

P.S. Don't make too many people around the world mad at you Clown... you might be running to one of these countries yourself soon. We have had enough of your lies.